OC Jewelry Designs

About Us

What makes a jewel special?

We pride ourselves on tradition. As a Master Jeweler, my father was always meticulously crafting new pieces, whatever his mind could think of he was able to reproduce in beautiful pieces of art. Everything I know about this craft comes from my father, everything I design is inspired by what I see in nature, sometimes even my dreams make it into my pieces.

Welcome to the silver world of Oscar Collection. We produce this pieces with dedication, and the intention of delivering tradition craftsmanship with modern techniques for truly inspiring pieces.

We hope you find something special for someone equally special.

Custom Design

Is not only what you can purchase from OC, is also about what we can create for you. From Engagement Rings to Classic Style Pendants. We can give life to your ideas.

Sterling Silver

You may say that silver is the same. But we infuse our designs soul. And not only that, every piece you see in our catalog can also be produced with Gold up to 24K

Our promise

We use state of the art manufacturing facilities, perfectly complementing the artisanal way of designing, polishing, and mounting every piece.